Laura Lile, MD, RPh

Laura Lile, MD, RPh FOUNDER AND CEO OF LILE WELLNESS PARTNERS Recipient of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award at The Ohio State University Board-certified in Family Practice and Compounding Pharmacy “For several decades, my medical practice has been primarily...

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“For patients you’ve been working with for a while, some of your complex patients, where you don’t really know where to turn next, applying this tool can really open up some insights that you might not otherwise have” – Dr. Emily...

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“IntellxxDNA has taken the guesswork out of my practice, especially for my complicated patients. Over the years, it’s allowed me to gain more confidence in my recommendations due to its amazing references” – Dr. Aunna Herbst

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“I have found that this tool enables me to dive deeply into the root causes of cognitive decline with immense ability.” – Dr. Sandeep Kapoor

Matthew D. Taylor

Matthew D. Taylor, MD INDEX HEALTH Cardiometabolic, Gastrointestinal Health, Functional Immunology, Anxiety & Depression, Genomics “This is a test that everyone can benefit from, particularly those with an undiagnosed or unexplained syndrome. It is a test to...